Home Theater


Chikmagalur, Karnataka

Scope of Work

Audio Video System Design
and Consultation


Movies & Music


Mr Ramesh, A FMCG businessman, based out of Bangalore, wanted to have a Home Theater room at his upcoming bungalow at Chikmagalur where he planned to settle post-retirement.
His close relative, who happened to be the architect of the house as well, was an experienced professional and wanted to design/ build a beautiful villa for Mr.Ramesh with Home theater and other features that would set standards for architecture and design in the Chikmagalur locality.


To design a beautiful looking home cinema room at customer’s bungalow in Chikmagalur, Karnataka that serves as a perfect place to relax, enjoy movies and classical music. The home theater needed to designed according to the theme specified by the architect without disturbing the set acoustic goals.

Room Size

3350 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme



Completed-July 2014

Acoustics & Audio-Video

Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants visited the site to assess the requirements to turn the room into a cosy home cinema with great acoustics.  The team evaluated the room dimension and other parameters to assess various room treatment requirements to achieve the best possible quality of audio and video in the room. Recommendations/Executions include:

  • We installed Audioquest cables for the connectivity of suggested Klipsch speakers to the AV receiver from Marantz. These 14AWG speaker cables from Audioquest have excellent insulation and are capable of carrying signals without introducing any interference. A high-quality QED HDMI cable from the AV receiver point to the Projector mounting area on the ceiling, helping send HD signal easily. Suggested Sony Home Theater projector was capable of doing a 135” screen considering the room’ dimensions.
  • Our Home Theater Design team designed two seating platforms to accommodate four electric recliners as per the architect’s instruction.
  • Since the customer and the architect were keen on going with a relatively easy to maintain laminated flooring the quantity of absorption was increased on the walls and ceiling to compensate for the lack of acoustic absorption on the home theater floor.
  • We treated the walls with a mixture of Anutone acoustic materials, Plywood, Veneer and acoustic curtains/drapes. At the same time, the ceiling with diffusive design and Anutone Pixel acoustic boards improved the acoustics even further. Due to the very nature of the ceiling’s design, natural diffusion of high and mids was possible, and the acoustic ceiling was provided with strip lighting as and where required.
  • The Home Cinema audio system layout had Klipsch tower speakers as the main component along with a Marantz home theater receiver.
  • The Home Theater design enabled the Klipsch Reference center channel, and corresponding Klipsch Surround speakers would also get hooked onto the same Marantz home theater receiver that powers the Klipsch tower speakers. This combination would allow all the 7 Klipsch Speakers in the surround sound set up to sound tonally balanced and identical.
  • Sony Projector for home theater audience is what BMW 3 series is for young car lovers. We suggested Sony projectors for this particular home theater in chikmagalur as the client was looking to install nothing but the best Projection system.
  • Since the room needed a bigger screen, we suggested a 135” Home theater screen along with the Sony home theater projector.


The Home theater design and report was prepared and submitted to the architect in two weeks.