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Symphony 440 Design Group is delighted to offer home theater speakers and audio systems from Definitive Technology, a leading designer of world-class audio systems, High-End Home Theater Speakers, Soundbars, and headphones.

Since 1990, the US-based company has designed and built exceptional home audio speakers. Its reputation as a Luxury Home Theater Audio brand has led to an even greater demand for its renowned products.

As a result, the company is leading the way with exhilarating, award-winning speakers that combine innovative technologies with a fresh new design aesthetic. Their speakers help bring music, movies, games, and sporting events to life through room-filling sound with deep bass that is clear, rich, and natural.

Definitive Technology was founded by the trio Sandy Gross, Don Givogue, and Ed Blaise. Sandy is also one of the founders of Polk Audio, an American-based audio manufacturer best known for its home and automobile speakers.

Definitive Technology first produced monolithic bipolar speaker towers. After a few years of growth, in 2004, it was acquired by Directed Electronics – a company that makes car alarms and radar detectors. After a few mergers and acquisitions, in 2013, Definitive Technology and Polk and the Boom Movement were rebranded into a new division called Sound United.

In 2015, the company released W7 speakers that supported Play-Fi wireless protocol for multi-room audio.

The parent company partnered with Aqipa, an Austrian electronics company, to distribute its products in European countries like Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Definitive Technology Speaker’s Patented Technological Features

Forward Focused Bipolar Array (FFBA): Enjoy show-stopping sound quality with stunning depth of field. The Technology enables simultaneous firing of sound both forward and backward to create a naturalistic audio to create a sense of immense depth in rooms of any size.

Balanced Double Surround System (BDSS) drivers: BDSS technology is the key to the high definition, incredibly natural vocal and instrument reproduction of Definitive Technology High-End Home Theater Speakers.

Integrated Subwoofers: Experience powerful bass with a built-in subwoofer that provides more consistent bass throughout the room. The Technology complements floor-standing loudspeakers to offer an impactful low end.

Passive Bass Radiators: Passive radiators Installed within the speaker/subwoofer cabinet control a portion of the movement of the active driver to allow users to experience more LF power without distortion.

Intelligent Bass Control: Intelligent Bass Control lets you customize the bass output for your preferred listening level while providing excellent clarity and remarkable impact.

Definitive Technology Speakers Series

Definitive Technology Demand Series: Designed to produce clean, detailed, and balanced audio, the Demand series speakers flawlessly reproduce home theater audio and music. They come in various options: tower, bookshelf, and center channel speaker that provide an immersive surround sound system for any home theater & stereo music listening environment.

Definitive Technology BP Series: With patented Forward Focused Bipolar Arrays, BDSS™ drivers, and integrated subwoofers, the BP series of loudspeakers provides room-shaking low-frequency delivery. Since the subwoofers are built-in, there is no need for additional investment. In addition, the speakers support significantly higher frequencies than what humans can usually hear. This provides effortless, distortion-free performance within and beyond the normal audible range.

Definitive Technology Descend: Built to produce thunderous, impactful, bottomless bass, Descend Series of Subwoofers outperforms other players in the space. The Subwoofers leverage unique 3XR Architecture to provide crystal-clear sound with no port distortion.

Definitive Technology UIW: The Ultimate In-Wall Reference Series from Definitive Technology uses the same Technology used for floor-standing speakers. The high-quality room-filling bass and theater-reference volume levels outperform even the best freestanding speakers.

Definitive Technology DI: DI Series in-wall and in-ceiling loudspeakers is a culmination of decades of engineering that has reinvented the space while delivering the best quality dynamic bass, smooth midrange, and sparkling treble with little impact on internal aesthetics. The main features include an aluminum tweeter, hidden flange architecture, and pre-construction rough-in brackets for easy installation.

Definitive Technology DT: Supported by annealed aluminum tweeters, polypropylene mineral-filled mid/bass cones, and anti-diffraction surfaces, the DT Series offers the legendary sound quality you expect from a brand of Definitive Technology’s caliber within budget.

All-Weather: The 6.5″ mid-woofer, a 10″ passive bass radiator, and 1″ Tweeter is perfect for any outdoor sound environment. The active BDSS mid/bass drivers produce bass equivalent to the bass delivered by an 8″ woofer in less space.

Being an authorized Channel Partner of Definitive Technology speakers in India, Symphony 440 Design Group offers original, authentic Definitive Technology Home Theater Systems at genuine and affordable prices.

With award-winning Sound Engineers on Board, home theatre integrators at Symphony 440 Design Group can suggest the right set of Def Tech Audio Speakers, Subwoofer, and associated electronics depending on your room dimensions & budget.

We can design Definitive Technology based Home Theater Systems across India, including Hyderabad, Bangalore, Vizag, Kakinada, and Secunderabad and Chennai.