Meet the team

Symphony 440 Design Group’s team consists of dedicated & qualified professionals having strong background in audio and acoustical engineering.
Head – Technical Design

Rahul is a passionate audio specialist and holds a Sound engineering degree from the prestigious Navitas SAE’s Chennai Campus. He is certified in DAW based Music production from Apple Inc and comes with over 12 years of experience in the audio and video industry. When he is not busy designing and building some of the best-in-class acoustic projects, you will find him listening to A R Rahman, Yanni,Coldplay and Hans Zimmer. As a music enthusiast himself, Rahul is a Grade 5 graduate in Western Classical Piano from Trinity-Guildhall College of Music. His commitment to serve the AV community drives him to teach his expertise at India’s leading Media Colleges.

Ashok Kadsur
Head – Business

Ashok is a serial entrepreneur who has built successful enterprise solutions, media brands, and IT and web based services. His extensive knowledge in running the business helps us provide top-notch experience to our clients while delivering high value. Previously, Ashok has held senior positions at various leading companies and has more than 25 years of experience in sales. He is an expert at building customer relationships and ensuring their requirements are met by the company. He enjoys listening to the works of Hariprasad Chourasia, Beatles and Beegees. When he is not busy helping businesses scale, he loves to meditate and explore the world on his BMW.

Vignesh Ganesh
Head – Technology

Vignesh is an acoustic enthusiast and his passion made him pursue Acoustics and Music technology from University of Edinburgh, UK. He also holds a Masters degree in Audio Signal Processing from SRM University, Chennai. He is a professional member of the Audio Engineering Society (AES) which helps him hone his knowledge and skills. With more than 7 years of experience in the industry, he has worked in several music production and sound design projects for feature films. Vignesh is an eternal learner and his expertise in acoustics is spread across many aspects of science and engineering. He is a hard core fan of A R Rehman, Ilayaraja, and Newton Howard.

Roopa Krishnamurthy
Independent Acoustician

Roopa is a Electronics Engineering graduate who later pursued MSc in Audio Acoustics from University of Salford, UK. As a trained singer and multi-instrumentalist, Acoustical design has always fascinated Roopa. She lends her expertise in designing noise-reducing treatments, organizing sound studies, and working with stakeholders to identify problems and retrofit or create unique solutions for acoustic treatment. With more than 10 years of experience in the acoustics industry, she has worked on several acoustic projects and consulted on noise control and acoustic treatment for clubs, studios, cinema theaters, hospitality and educational spaces.

Ricky Grewal
Head – Operations

Ricky is a graduate in Music Production Engineering from Audio Media Education, Chennai. He is enthralled by acoustic design and runs a professional recording studio in Ludhiana. He has a wide range of expertise in acoustic treatment, sound mixing, and solving a broad range and scale of acoustic challenges. Ricky comes with an extensive work experience of touring in 15 countries while collaborating with well known directors and producers such as Adrian Pegg , Angelica Melo, Ashwani Chopra, Bill Hayes, Carrie Legrand ,David Choudary, Debbie Sinton, Douglas Holgate, Mike Mannige, and more. In his free time, Ricky enjoys listening to Yanni and A R Rahman.

Praveen Gotte

Praveen is a seasoned sound engineer with a graduation degree from Navitas SAE’s Chennai Campus. He brings to the table more than 10 years of experience in solving unique problems in audio, video, and acoustics. He has worked with stalwarts in the industry and big brands like Mouzz audio as a live sound engineer. He has collaborated with various international artists and organized many entertainment shows for IPL. He breathes acoustic excellence and loves solving new challenges to help clients achieve their aspirations in acoustics. When he is not busy working, he loves spending time with his family and his favourite RCF Pro Audio System.

In 2013 Symphony 440 Design Group was founded on the core principle of providing highest quality of Professional Acoustic & Audio Video Consulting & Implementation services with usage of Internationally reputed product line up . And every year, with growing experience, we have imbibed this principle into our every aspect of audio/video design, installations, system integration, and other customer services and consultations.
Whether you want to have a dedicated home theater set-up to enjoy movies with your family, or build a professional sound recording studio, or acoustically treat an auditorium, you can count on the experienced professionals at Symphony 440 Design Group to give you an innovative and exciting space of your dreams.