Imagine recording your music in a kitchen. It’s but obvious that you will be disturbed from the several nuisances of surrounding areas as well as from the echo and reverberation of the room itself. It is here that Acoustical design comes into fore to improve the quality of sound inside your recording or Home Cinema room. It rids you of nasty dips & peaks in the bass range (Kick Drum, Subwoofer’s output), enhances speech clarity (Movies dialogues, Vocals of Adele) and delivers crisp, enjoyable high frequencies (Guitar, Harp).

Acoustics has become an integral part of modern-day architecture. Investing in the right acoustical treatment for your Studio or home cinema room will help you get the best audio from your high-end studio monitor/home Theater system. From improving bass response in the control room of a studio and absorbing excess sound energy in a classroom to reducing reverberation in an Auditorium, Acoustics plays a magnificent role in our day to day urban life.

Music, Audio & Movies, these are not just a mere source of entertainment, but also an emotion for many. Though we as individuals differ in choices and tastes, we are somehow bound together by these.

Audio, Movie & Music is an inevitable part of our life and is always around us in some or the other way. You go to a Club and sway to a DJ’s music? There is a Professional Audio System. You enter an Auditorium to listen to your favourite life coach? There is a line array audio system. Visit a Multiplex to watch a movie on a big screen? There is Dolby Atmos based QSC speaker system. Come back to your home to listen to your favourite music? There is a Klipsch High-end Stereo. Every music/audio type has its characteristics, and you need the right set of Audio systems to get the best possible audio reproduction.

George Lucas, the famous movie maker, once rightly said that 50% of the entertainment in a movie is visuals. If you have a high-end Klipsch Home Theater System and have a substandard Television, the experience isn’t very satisfying, and you feel the absence of the right ambience. There is nothing like watching football or an IPL match on a larger than life Home Theater screen complete with Sony or Optoma 4K UHD projection.

Right combinations of high-end systems are not just bound to your entertainment and pleasures. A corporate space with a stunning video wall works wonders in bringing great enthusiasm in your employees as well as in your clients and partners. It is a well-known fact that students or any human for that matter are more likely to learn and register things better when they perceive it visually. Having a big screen with a High Lumens projector in school and colleges will help the students/attendees understand the concept clearly.

Building a perfect home Theater room is a pretty challenging task. While designing a home Theater, there are several factors to be looked and thought through. Starting from the interiors of the room, to choosing the right speaker systems and projector, every aspect is equally important and influences the ultimate performance of your home Theater.

Acoustics and system optimization are highly tricky and will deliver non-pleasant sounds if not done the right way. Consult our professional home Theater experts to help you bring your dream into reality.

Based on various human interactions and purposes, architecture provides you with specially designed spaces for large meetings, presentations, and performances. These spaces may include assembly halls, exhibit halls, auditoriums, and Theaters.

Modern Auditorium designs include features such as sound reinforcement systems, audio-visual systems or projection screens. Quality acoustical characteristics are essential in auditoriums so that performances and presentations can be heard and understood.

Our sound systems for auditoriums are super easy to select, install, and operate. These cost-effective systems are specifically configured for every purpose, simplifying the selection and purchase of an audio solution package for your school auditorium, meeting hall, Theater stage or any small to large auditorium venue. These sound systems, designed to provide maximum speech clarity have extensive coverage and high powered reproduction of music ideal for school assemblies, music performances, Theater productions, meetings, and more.

Building a perfectly soundproofed & acoustically treated recording studio is an enormous task which requires a decent amount of technical know-how, effort and money. The more time you spend on the planning and design process of the Studio, the better the result is going to be.

Sound Isolation & Acoustics are of crucial importance in a recording studio. Without these, you can’t achieve the desired high-quality recording. You shall be continuously disturbed by other unnecessary noises from your surroundings. Allow us to help you treat your room acoustically for you to enjoy the pleasures of a perfect recording studio.

Along with acoustical treatment, the devices and systems that you use for recording also hold equal importance. Good Microphones are your first devices in the signal chain that capture every tone and vocals for your recording. However, there are different types available, each category of microphones, designed for a specific purpose and nature of the recording. Our experts will rightly guide you in choosing the best microphones, studio monitors and other required audio-visual accessories for your Studio at cost-effective prices.