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Acoustic Foam Panels


Acoustic foams are known for their fire retardancy and sound absorption characteristics. These lightweight Polyurethane Acoustic Foam panels are high-performance sound absorption that you can use in acoustic insulation

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We source top quality, high sound absorption PU acoustic foam panels that reduce the intensity of the sound waves hitting it and minimizes the transmission of noise having NRC value of  up to 0.8. Our acoustic foam panels provide you with the best acoustic treatment that you’ve always been looking for!

These acoustic foams are known for their sound absorption characteristics. These lightweight Polyurethane Acoustic Foam panels are high-performance sound absorption panels that you can use in acoustic insulation.

Another advantage associated with this acoustic foam is its ability to get glued to any other material such as non-woven fabric, sun mica, gypsum sheet, glass fibre to provide sound absorption.

These Acoustic foams find their primary application as a sound absorber in Home theaters, Home Studios, public rooms, electronic data processing industries, automotive engine testing rooms, aeronautical and transport industry to incorporate acoustic treatment.

Manufactured by propelling liquid isocyanate-polyol mixture to form foams in the presence of a blowing agent, Polyurethane foam is an excellent material for a lot of acoustic applications.

These acoustic foam panels manufactured for special applications where fire retardancy and sound absorption characteristics are required. The foam has an NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) value of 0.8.

This high-performance acoustic insulation material with increased absorptive surface area is fibre-free and light in weight.

Our acoustic foams fit perfectly well into your requirements for pyramid foam panels in industrial, Home theatres, Auditoriums, Commercial, Audio, Anechoic chambers, Residential, Partitions, Sound Recording Studios, Radio Stations, Band Rooms, Swimming Pools, Churches, Schools, Gymnasiums, Hotel lobbies, Gun Ranges, Enclosures etc.

Using these acoustic panels, you can achieve the best sound absorption and provide the right kind of acoustic treatment for your spaces. These acoustic materials also find their usage in Podcast Studios, Gobo panels, Vocal booths etc.

Partnering Acoustical Materials: Acoustic foam panels combined with GIK Acoustics Gotham Sound Diffusers  & GIK Acoustics Bass Traps will work excellently in Home Studio & Home Cinema installation applications.

Pricing:  As mentioned above.

Colour:  Available in 9 Standard Colours.

Availability: We can provide the necessary technical consultation, offer honest pricing and have these Acoustic PU foams shipped to anywhere in India, including to cities like Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Kakinada, Mohali, Ludhiana, Jalandhar and Vijayawada in 4-6 weeks.

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