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GIK Acoustics Roomkit


Our GIK Home studio acoustic treatment room kits with combination of absorption panels & bass traps,addresses the inherent sonic problems of your room.

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Our GIK Home studio acoustic treatment room kits combine first order-reflection absorbers, Broadband absorbers, and other accessories in one convenient package addressing the inherent sonic problems of your room. These Home studio acoustic treatment products of different shapes and thicknesses will adapt very quickly to your room, creating better aesthetics and acoustics.

These Room Kits from GIK provide you with the flexibility to add more Home studio acoustic treatment products at a later point of time if the need arises. These room kits address your room issues and also improve the aesthetics of your Project studio. The room kit acoustic products can be bought with all the panels in the same colour or can be mixed and matched to fit your studio interiors.

Room Kit Includes:

Six (6) 24.1875″ x 48.25″ GIK 242 Acoustic Panels: Offering unmatched acoustics and reliability, the GIK Acoustic range of 242 acoustic panels work alongside other products in the Roomkit series, helping you get better recordings and audio from your studio monitors. The 242 panels from GIK can be easily installed on the walls and ceiling of your home recording studio to absorb first order reflections and reduce harmful echoes and reverberations.

Four (4) GIK Acoustics Tri-Trap Corner Bass Traps: Bass frequencies tend to accumulate in the corners of your studio, muddying up the overall audio. Designed to help you even out the bass anomalies and build a strong foundation for the sound, these Tri-Traps offer excellent bass absorption and easy installation. Standing tall at 47″ and weighing just about 7Kg, these Home studio acoustic treatment panels can be stacked vertically from floor-to-ceiling, one above the other.

One (1) 24.25″ x 48.5″ GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology: Undoubtedly one of the best bass trap, our Monster bass trap with Flexrange technology offers class-leading performance in a relatively smaller size. More the Monster bass traps, better the overall performance.

OPTIONAL: One (1) or Two (2) Cloud Mounting Brackets: 242 acoustical panels along with cloud mounting brackets (to be bought separately) can reduce the intensity of height modal resonances and bring down the reverb time of your room.

Technical Specifications of GIK Home studio acoustic treatment Roomkit:

Professionally designed Room Kit consisting of Mid/High-frequency absorbers, Corner bass traps and Monster bass traps.

Sizes:   A. 242 Acoustic Panels- 24.1875” W x 48.25” H x 3.625” D

  1. Monster Bass Trap- 24.25” W x 48.5” H x 7.3125” D
  2. Tri-Trap Bass Trap-23.5” W x 16.5” Side x 16.5” Side x 47” H

Installation: The Roomkit range of Home studio acoustic treatment products can be installed on the ceiling or walls using the supplied accessories or with the Cloud mounting bracket (to be bought separately).

Weight: A. 242 Acoustic Panels- 3.6Kg

  1. Monster Bass Trap- 8.6Kg
  2. Tri-Trap Bass Traps-6.8Kg

Colours: Available in 9 standard GIK acoustics fabric options

Fire Rating: Class A

Pricing: As mentioned above.

Availability:  All GIK products are designed & built by hand in the United Kingdom. Symphony 440 Design Group can deliver the selected Home studio acoustic treatment range, The RoomKit from GIK Acoustics to your doorstep anywhere in India including Bangalore, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Jaipur in 6-8 weeks.

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