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GIK Acoustics Monster Bass Trap


The Monster bass trap from GIK is an extraordinary acoustical panel designed for recording studio acoustics application, that kills nasty nulls and spikes in your room.

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Has it ever happened that your mix sounds good in a studio but is boomy and muddy when heard through the headphones, studio monitors or such other mediums? To avoid the same as well as to get the right “mix translation”, you need to first work on your recording studio acoustics. To start with, You can install Bass traps in the corners of your room. These devices will even out the low-frequency spikes of your recording room and provide you with a sonically well-balanced space to record and mix-in.

Professionally designed bass traps like our Monster Trap with FlexRange Technology will not only absorb the low frequencies but also help you in taking the guesswork out of the equation letting you mix your music in a better way.

The Monster bass trap from GIK is an extraordinary acoustical panel designed for recording studio acoustics application, that kills nasty nulls and spikes in your room.

With certified lab tests, its proven that Monster bass traps have 50% higher effectiveness on low frequencies than our 244 Bass Traps. It’s unique technological innovation, and quality manufacturing is what makes this product one of the most acceptable ranges of bass absorption for recording studio acoustics.

Without over absorbing the essential high-frequency energy in your room, the Monster Bass Trap with FlexRange Technology offers excellent efficiency and sets the benchmark for bass absorption.

Affordable at a fantastic price, this is undoubtedly one of our best recording studio acoustics product and is available in 3 different forms – square, rectangle, and narrow.  The design & shape of the Monster trap will allow you to use multiple combinations in various quantities to even out the bass response of your control or recording room.

If you have frequency specific bass issues in your control room, Monster bass trap available with a membrane is your perfect solution as it reduces the intensity of those modal resonances. If you just want to balance out a wide range of frequencies, then the same Monster bass trap without its membrane will work incredibly well in small to medium-sized studio rooms.

The proprietary range Limiter membrane system enables the Monster Bass Trap to absorb up to 50% more bass frequencies (below 60Hz) and retains 75% more high-end frequencies (from 400Hz and above) when compared to the broadband bass trap option.


Size: Square (24 ” x 24 “), rectangle (24.25 ” x 48.25 “) and narrow (12 ” x 48 “)

Application: Recording Studio Acoustics, Reference Home theatre interior acoustics.

 Depth: 7.3125″

Weight: 9.5Kg

 Installation: The GIK Monster Trap gets installed on the wall and rooms corners using wire integrated onto the rear side of the acoustic panel. Freestanding options available with metal stands or boom stand brackets (boom stand not included). Easy to install on the ceiling with an optional Cloud mounting bracket.

Construction: Handmade construction with ECOSE® technology absorption material

Availability:  All GIK products are designed & manufactured in the United Kingdom. Symphony 440 Design Group can deliver the selected GIK recording studio acoustics product, The Monster Bass Trap to your doorstep in New Delhi, Sikkim, Bangalore, Pune, Chennai or anywhere in India in 6-8 weeks.

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