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Sennheiser E 604 Studio Microphone

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Sennheiser e 604 is a compact dynamic cardioid studio microphone designed specifically to work with midrange or high range frequencies of your drums, woodwind, percussion and brass instruments. This high performance mic is admired worldwide for its easy mounting clip-on profile present at the bottom. Through the clips, you can either easily mount thee 604 studio microphone onto any mic stand orfixit at the rim of a drum.

Sennheiser e 604 studio microphone is part of the diverse Evolution Series. Evolution series includes a wide range of wired microphones known for their robust structural design. Being one of its kind, impeccable sound quality and mind-blowing clarity is a surety.

Crafted and engineered at Germany, these mics have witnessed great deal of developments based on the growing daily demands, and hence the name Evolution. Based on the same, there are two range of product series:

  • Evolution 900 series:Wired 900 series microphones are designed as a harmonically calibrated devices which strive towards achieving demanding sound with unparalleled precision. It carries the apt saying ‘Uncompromising stage equipment for uncompromising professionals’.
  • Evolution 600/800 series: 600 series mics capture sound signals from instruments and 800 series are for vocals and speech. These are highly user-friendly and offer you with easy set-ups.

Features of Sennheiser e 604 studio microphone:

  • Picks up frequency ranges between 40 Hz and 18 Hz.
  • Similar to the design principles of MD 421 mic, e 604 is built with a dynamic transducer which operates without a phantom power.
  • Cardioid pattern restricts off-axis sound signals and captures only the rest to maintain sound integrity.
  • Exhibits high sound pressure handling capacity of 160 dB.
  • Exterior is a strong and rigid reinforced glass-fibre body.

Specifications of Sennheiser e 604 studio microphone:

  • Connector: XLR-3
  • Nominal impedance: 350 ?
  • Frequency response of mic: 40 – 18000 Hz
  • Dimensions:Ø 33 x 59mm L
  • Weight: 60g


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