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How to Choose the Best Home theater AV Receiver

How to Choose the Best Home theater AV Receiver

A home theater AV receiver is an input-output system. Input devices such as DVD player and satellite dish relay input signal to the receiver, interpreting the signal.

The signal is then amplified through one or more amplification modules and sent to output devices such as TV and the Home theater speaker system.

The best Home theater AV receiver is the one that comes pre-packed with a combination of input-output devices, preamplifier, signal processor, power amplifiers in a single unit.

Some high-end systems also include built-in media players. When setting up the home theater, you could either buy each of the components separately and then assemble it on your own or install the readily available complete unit.

Once you opt for the best home theater AV receiver and set it up, it provides centralized control for the entire home theater.  

Considerations for picking the best Home Theater AV Receiver:

1. The number of channels:

Since the home theater receiver is the hub for various audio and video streaming sources, it is the main component of bringing a theatre-like feel. Based on the number of speakers you want to connect, you can select the number of channels you want to have in the receiver.

To get the best home theater feeling, we highly recommend that you at least pick a receiver with a minimum of seven channels to set up the complete Dolby Atmos surround sound system.

More sophisticated receivers come with nine, eleven and thirteen channels. You could use the additional channels to expand your system to other rooms too.  

2. Power rating, THD and impedance:

Evaluating the power rating of the receiver is critical while choosing one. A Home theater AV receiver’s power is rated in watts per channel. You can consider one speaker as one channel.

Best Home theater AV Receiver comes with a higher power rating complemented with a low total harmonic distortion value ranging from 0.02% to 0.08% producing well-balanced sound.

Another significant value to watch out for is impedance rating. The impedance value of an AV Receiver must match that of the connected high-end home theater speakers. Ideal impedance ratings are 6 and 8 ohms.  

3. Connectivity options:

While HDMI is the primary source of connection, most of the receivers from DenonAnthem & Marantz India also support streaming of audio and video signals directly from mobile devices.

While picking the best Home theater AV receiver, to enjoy a more entertaining program, look for ones that provide built-in streaming from services such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.  

4. Dolby Atmos:

With a Dolby Atmos enabled AV Receiver like the ones from Denon India, with as few as seven speakers in a conventional home theater system, you can enjoy the magic of Dolby Atmos.

In Dolby Atmos, any sound—the helicopter passing by, a car screeching around a corner, a melodic bird call—can exist as an independent audio object, free of channel restrictions.

In Atmos, Sound can be precisely placed and panned anywhere in your home cinema room, including overhead, to flow above and around you in three-dimensional space.   

5. Auro 3D:

Auro 3D audio enabled AV Receiver provides a realistic sonic environment where the sound is both immersive and directional.

Auro 3D audio starts with a traditional 5.1 channel speaker layer and subwoofer, and then surrounding the listening room is another set of front and surround speakers.  

6. DTS X: Pro:

DTS: X is backwards compatible with any home theater receiver such as Denon AV Receiver that incorporates DTS Digital Surround or DTS-HD Master Audio decoders.

For home theater receivers that incorporate DTS X: Pro, a companion surround sound format is also included in the form of DTS Neural:X.  

When to install an external power amplifier?

While all receivers come with in-built amplifiers, you could install an external power amplifier from Marantz India & Anthem Receivers India to boost the audio level in the room.

To attain good SPLs (Sound Pressure Levels) in huge rooms, you have to provide more power with an external power amplifier.

Also, when you have connected speakers with variable load impedances, using an external amplifier from Marantz India or Anthem Receivers India helps in providing sustainable speaker load and better efficiency.

Using external stereo or multichannel power amplifiers do not make the in-built amplifiers of the receiver redundant. You can always reroute the inbuilt amplifiers to power speakers. Else you can also use the inbuilt amplifiers to power up additional speakers in a different room.

Marantz, Denon & Anthem AV receivers are state-of-the-art receivers with excellent room correction and refined overall audio capabilities.

Thanks to their elegant design, Marantz & Anthem AV receivers also add style and attitude to your living or Home Cinema room with their Avant-Garde Construction.

Are you looking for expert’s advice for choosing the best home theater AV receiver in India? Contact our consultants today. Our Audio Visual consultants will deeply analyze your requirements and provide you with India’s best home theater solution.  

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