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Home Theater Room Costing Explained

Building a dedicated home theater room in a cost-effective manner can certainly be challenging. But with proper planning and little help from a professional Home Theater Installer, you can achieve excellent results. This article is about the same, to guide you in maximizing your Audio-Visual experiences while keeping your Home Theater Room Costing in check. …

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Case Study 04: Home Theater at HSR Layout

Project Description: Type: Luxury Home Theater/Media Room Location: RBD Stillwaters, HSR Layout, Haralur Bangalore Scope of Work: Acoustic Design, Home theatre interior design & High-End Home theater System Supply and Installation Application: Movies, Gaming Room Size: 1150 Cu Ft Interior Scheme: Contemporary Status: Completed-July 2020 Overview: The customer wanted an aesthetically built luxury…

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How to Improve your Studio/Home Theatre Sound with Sound Diffusion?

What is Sound diffusion? Diffusion is even the Spreading of acoustic energy in an architectural space. We consider An Auditorium with the same RT-60 at any listening position to be a perfectly diffusive sound environment. Most architectural spaces have less to no diffusion; hence reverberation times will be significantly different throughout the room. Low frequencies are…

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Introduction to QSC Amplifiers

What’s QSC? Quilter Sound Company, Popularly known as QSC, is a world-renowned Professional audio product manufacturer that manufactures High-performance loudspeakers, Digital mixers, Digital signal processors, QSC amplifiers and Q Sys network platform. QSC products are widely popular in Cinema, Live sound and corporate install applications. In India, QSC is headquartered in Bangalore and provides sales and…

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