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Symphony 440 Design Group is proud to bring to its prospects the best of products of Klipsch Audio Technologies, one of the first American loudspeaker companies fondly known for their premium speakers since 1946.

Based in Indianapolis, Indiana, Klipsch speakers are recognized worldwide for their headphones, loudspeakers and connected equipment for high-end stereo &  public address applications, personal computers and home theatres.

Company is founded by Paul W. Klipsch, an American audio pioneer while operating inside a tin shed in Hope, Arkansas. Being a true music enthusiast, Paul devoted himself to inventing such speaker technologies that would reproduce the thrill of a live orchestra performance in our living rooms.

Audiovox, an American consumer electronics company, entered into a mutual term to purchase all the shares of Klipsch Group, completing the deal on March 1, 2011.

The Principles of Klipsch sound:

Paul believed in four principles to be the foundation for great sound, that still rules the design of every new Klipsch speakers, today, and tomorrow:

High Efficiency / Low Distortion:
Klipsch horn technology is highly efficient, providing a more accurate sound with less power and minimized distortion, leading to louder, cleaner audio. As they say in Audio Physics, Efficiency is inversely proportional to distortion.

Controlled Directivity :
Klipsch horn technology accurately directs sound to the proper locations, which, in turn, creates a more lifelike soundstage without wasting acoustic energy where the sound is not needed or desired.

Wide Dynamic Range:
The softest sounds reproduced with remarkable clarity, and the loudest sounds delivered without harshness or distortion – with the most incredible possible range between the quietest and loudest sounds.

Flat Frequency Response:
Audio is delivered without frequency bias – no unnatural highs, mids or lows – reproducing recorded sound as accurately as possible without colourization.

Klipsch speakers specifically designed technological features:

Tractrix® Horns: Tractrix® Horns have for several years been the driving force behind Klipsch’s spectacularly precise acoustics. Featured in every Klipsch speaker category, apart from the headphones and subwoofers, this proprietary technology provides a flawless combination of precision, clarity and effortless power.

Cerametallic woofers: Cerametallic woofers exhibit a very high stiffness-to-mass ratio and a tremendous amount of damping, resulting in a robust, solid bass foundation.

Wide Dispersion Surround Technology: As the cornerstone of every Klipsch surround speaker, proprietary Wide Dispersion Surround Technology (WDST) provides astounding sonic detail for rooms with less-than-ideal placement configurations.

Klipsch speakers – Heritage Series:

Klipsch Heritage series includes those speakers meticulously designed and worked on by the pioneer, Paul himself. Each Klipsch speaker is assembled with furniture-grade wood veneers and features the cornerstone horn-loaded technology to deliver an unparalleled acoustic experience.

Klipschorn: Klipsch speakers began to carve its history in 1946 with Paul’s invention of the Klipschorn loudspeaker to enable people, for the first time, to experience the power, detail, and emotion of a live performance at home.

Commonly called a corner-horn speaker, the remarkably uncommon Klipschorn included a highly efficient acoustic horn-loaded for its tweeter to increase the efficiency of the midrange compression driver.

These horn loudspeakers, being the only speaker to be in continuous production for over six decades, prove advantageous as they are more efficient and produce almost ten times greater sound power than any other regular speaker for the same amplifier output.

Heresy: First introduced in 1957, the Heresy, a three-way design, started as a compact centre channel speaker to accompany the Klipschorn in three-speaker stereo arrays.

Due to its relatively compact size, this model offers a great range of placement flexibility in the Heritage Series line. Later, Introduced after this were the Heresy II and III with better technologies and improved features.

Cornwall: The Cornwall derives its name from being the first Klipsch speaker designed to operate from either a corner or against a wall (corn/wall).

Introduced to the market in 1959, The Cornwall intended to serve as a more extensive, full-range alternative to the Heresy for usage as a centre channel speaker between two widely spaced Klipschorns. Its production, however, being discontinued in 1990, was relaunched in 2005 with the newly revised edition of Cornwall III.

La Scala: The La Scala, Introduced in 1963 and named after the Teatro Alla Scala in Italy are a set of extraordinary speakers. Spectacularly improved over the years, the La Scala imitates Klipschorn in performance but from a smaller cabinet that does not require a corner location. Audiophiles even today, remember La Scala for their high efficiency and undetectable distortion.

Belle: Named after his first wife Eva Belle, Paul released the Belle Klipsch in 1971 as a re-proportioned speaker with nearly the same acoustic performance as the La Scala. This three-way loudspeaker, though no longer in production is still owned and listened to by Klipsch fans around the world.

Other noteworthy Klipsch speakers known for their design and acoustical performance, though not explicitly designed by Paul are:

Klipsch Forte: First launched in 1985 and designed as a three-way loudspeaker continued to be in production till 1989. With a relaunch in 1996 with Forte III having updated cosmetics and the latest advancements in acoustic engineering while maintaining the original elegant design and powerful performance.

Chorus: The three-way Chorus was first introduced in 1987 and manufactured by Klipsch until 1996. Though no longer in production, Chorus model loudspeakers are still one of the top choices for Audiophiles around the world as part of two-channel audio and home theatre surround sound systems.

Quartet: The three-way Quartet floorstanding loudspeaker was first introduced in 1989 and manufactured until 1996. These were used exclusively for Klipsch home theatre systems.

Quintet: The Quintet Klipsch home theatre system is a five-channel surround sound package with the characteristic horn-loaded technology. With technology, Quintet has undergone various advancements with the fifth edition being the new classic version for Klipsch home theatre systems.

Palladium: Introduced in 2007, the Palladium was a high-end luxury line of premium speakers. This high-end seven-model series utilized new materials, transducer advances, proprietary technologies along with exotic styling to create a luxurious balance of performance and lifestyle.

 Current Klipsch Speakers:

Reference: Since 1999, the Reference Series has been a reckoning force creating a niche in the Premium Speaker series. Klipsch Reference products combine high-end materials, handcrafted precision and innovative technology to create an unforgettable listening experience.

Reference series are a celebration to every music fanatic which includes a wide range of varieties in soundbars, subwoofers, Klipsch home theatre systems, floorstanding speakers, monitor speakers, centre speakers and surround speakers.

THX Ultra: This stunning custom Klipsch home theatre series brings real cinema sound to the comforts of home by using the same professional-grade technology as Klipsch’s professional cinema systems, by conveying every detail of any film format.

Reference Premiere series: With a perfect amalgamation of great sound and contemporary beauty, the Reference Premiere with the exclusive Tractrix Horn technology and Titanium tweeters delivers a powerful, dynamic sound bringing it at the forefront of affordable luxury.

Other products: Klipsch Group, Inc., the parent company of Klipsch Audio Technologies, also owns the Danish loudspeaker firm Jamo.

In 2006, they acquired the brands of Mirage, Athena and Energy speakers from Audio Products International (API) of Canada. In 2001, it received the company Mondial Designs, manufacturers of electronics under the Aragon and Acurus brand names, but subsequently discontinued those product lines.

Popular reviews on Klipsch Speakers:

Klipsch Reference Premiere Series:

“The new Reference Premiere series from Klipsch sounds awesome across the board with enthralling dynamics and audiophile sound quality. Thanks to modern high-performance drivers and the highly efficient Tractrix Horn, the Reference Premiere are the actual result of over 60 years of sophisticated concepts and sound absolutely “modern”.

Despite the typical, unmistakable Klipsch visuals, the new Reference Premiere is for both real home theatres as well as for more traditional living rooms when it comes to exciting, thrilling and highly detailed movie sound. The Klipsch Reference Premiere is practically a living legend and more current than ever.”

-Sound and Vision

Klipsch R-20B:

“There’s no doubting the power on offer, and even at lower volumes, it does a good job of filling the entire room. When it comes to cranking up the drama, you don’t have to ask the Klipsch twice.”

-Review by What Hi-Fi?

Klipsch R-10B:

“Klipsch’s R-10B offers a sweet blend of brute force and fluid clarity to make your home theatre sing.

-Design Trends

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