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Case Study 04: Home Theater at HSR Layout

Case Study 04: Home Theater at HSR Layout

Project Description:

Location: RBD Stillwaters, HSR Layout, Haralur Bangalore

Scope of Work:
Acoustic Design, Home theatre interior design & High-End Home theater System Supply and Installation

Application: Movies, Gaming

Room Size: 1150 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-July 2020


The customer wanted an aesthetically built luxury home theater in their newly constructed villa at RBD Stillwaters, Bengaluru. They approached Symphony 440 Design Group to take up this project. After visiting the site, our Luxury home theater designers suggested that the customer turn one of the rooms on the ground floor into a home cinema. It was secluded and would not disturb the kids who study on the first floor. The client was clear from the beginning that he didn’t want to have a jazzy, dramatic home theatre but a simple and aesthetic dedicated home theatre room. This project was a new challenge to our team as the room’s dimension was 11’9″ x 10’8″ x 10’6″, approaching more of a square shape.


Since the room was square-shaped, the team had to think of ways to eliminate bass build-up due to the room dimension.

The Audio-Video system also had to complement the room dimension, requirements and décor without being too bulky or overpowering. Though the project needed to be completed within a tight budget, we decided not to compromise anywhere, be it Video or Audio or the overall home theater experience.   


Considering the smaller room dimension, the in-house luxury home theater designer at Symphony 440 Design Group decided not to put anything over the top and keep the overall design modern and sleek.

Laminated wooden flooring provided much-needed beauty to the interiors while providing an easy to maintain flooring.

Complete fabric finish on the wall with an acoustical drape for the large UPVC window helped improve the Home Theater acoustics and avoid sunlight that would otherwise seep in through the French window.

A high-quality Gypsum ceiling with a mixture of fabric panels on the walls and ambient lighting made the room brighter. Tan colour Motorised Home Theater recliners added a superb finish.    


Looking at our previous works and experience, the customer gave the Luxury Home Theater designers at Symphony 440 Design Group the liberty to design a great home cinema room.

The team developed a Home theater room design that would have the best of both the worlds-Great acoustic interiors and technical accuracy.  


1. To start with, Our Home Theater Engineers got the Valueline OFC and premium QED high-bandwidth HDMI cables installed for the audio and video system, respectively.

Whether you are doing a super large 35′ mini cinema or a Smaller home theater room like this one, installing certified AV cables is essential. They act as a bridge between the expensive high-end speakers/Projector and AV receiver.

Both Valueline and QED are well known for their signal integrity and carry signal without introducing distortion or colouration to the sound and picture.

2. Small rooms need lots of bass trapping and a sufficient amount of HF/MF absorption. The entire wall surface of this media room was used for absorption and reflection, while the front corners next to the screen for corner bass trapping.

This combination ensured optimal voice clarity and helped immensely in achieving well-defined bass throughout the seating area.

3. The large French window was treated acoustically with a thick acoustical curtain to help absorb the first-order reflections and cut down the amount of light that would otherwise come right through the UPVC sliding window.

4. Concerning the acoustical ceiling, the custom home theater designers took special care to avoid floor to ceiling reflections. Custom-built fabric acoustic panels were installed below the Gypsum layer, while high-density mineral wool and custom-built bass traps lay behind it.

For acoustics, 18″ clearance between the false roof and the true ceiling helped immensely.

5. Since the client had two small kids, our customer home theater consultants decided to accommodate easily maintainable Laminated wooden flooring in the design.

The wood flooring also brought a contemporary look into the dedicated home cinema room and helped get a warm, lively sound.

6. A small and efficient audio rack was built and placed in the front below the projection screen to accommodate different AV sources.

The In-house Home Theater designer designed an Audio cabinet for Denon AV receiver, Tata Sky, Gaming station, and UPS.

7. One of the Home Theater interior design highlights is undoubtedly the ambient light installed on the ceiling.

With a handy remote, the customer could switch on and off the lights quickly. The modern lighting arrangement increased the beauty quotient immensely.  


8. Considering the room requirement, our home theater solution team suggested the Jamo S807 based 5.1.2 Dolby Atmos package. In our opinion, is one of the best high-end home theater system money can buy in India today.

The Jamo S807 are Danish speakers, which sound as good as they look. These incredible speakers measuring about 3′ in height are Dolby atmos enabled and delivered excellent audio output.

Along with the matching Jamo S83 Centre speaker and Jamo S801 bookshelf surround speakers, Klipsch Cs 16CII ceiling Atmos speakers, and the powerful 10″ Klipsch SW-100 subwoofer, the Jamo Speaker package produce well-balanced sound output.

We paired the Jamo Speaker with the capable Denon AVR X-2600H. The Denon acts as a perfect amplification partner for these high performing high-end Jamo speakers.

9. Our Luxury Home Theater Consultants meticulously ensured the projector screen provided a comfortable movie watching experience without being “too big” for the room.

Optoma HD27SA with Darbee technology and a 96″ Diagonal fixed frame screen delivered clear, bright images that meet today’s demanding movie and gaming visual requirements.

10. Right from the start of the home cinema installation, our design philosophy for this small media room was not to compromise on the overall experience and comfort for the sake of smaller size and budget.

So to provide the best seating arrangement for the luxury home theater interiors, We recommended and installed motorised recliners from Recliners India. The best-in-class recliners, along with Tan coloured leather upholstery, provided the much-needed comfort.

The project was successfully delivered within the budget and time to the customer during the challenging Covid-19 restriction period. Luxury home theater consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group have the satisfaction of providing an efficient, functional media room to the client.  

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