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Case Study 01: Home Cinema at Pune

Case Study 01: Home Cinema at Pune

Project Description:

Location: Boat Club Road, Pune

Scope of Work:
Home Theater Acoustics Construction & Audio System Design

Application: Movies & Music

Room Size: 3000 Cu ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-Nov 2017


The Owner of the home cinema is a very passionate audio-video enthusiast. He wanted to refurbish his existing dedicated home cinema room on the first floor of his residence located at one of the poshest locality in Pune, India.


The existing home theatre’ acoustic treatment was not up to the mark and was not helping the client get the best audio out of his existing, Incredibly talented Active PMC Home theatre system.

The Acoustics of the Home cinema room, including the acoustic wall panelling, Acoustic ceiling and flooring, needed rework. Once rebuilt, the dedicated home cinema room should serve as a perfect place to recline and relax while watching a movie.

The home theater technically needed acoustical treatment to give justice to the existing Hi-End home theatre speaker system from PMC.


After receiving inputs from the client and the Acoustic design consultant on board, Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants got involved in the home cinema acoustic construction process. Implementations included the following:

1. We started the acoustic construction work with corner Bass trapping behind the home theatre screen that would help in reducing the intensity of the modal resonances.

This particular bass trap, built using high-density Rockwool, Limp Mass membrane, and other approved acoustic materials, helped reduce the ill effects of bass nulls and peaks caused by the room’s dimensions.

2. After the corner bass trapping, We worked on the 1” and 3” thick Acoustic wall Panelling for first-order reflection treatment on the side walls.

These Acoustic wall panels, Built using Sorbermel Melamine acoustic foam, UPVC stretch fabric gripper system, have high absorption coefficients and help achieve better soundstage from the front left & right speakers.

3. Moderately sized home cinema rooms need acoustical diffusion. In consultation with the acoustic consultant, We decided to place Polycylindrical Acoustic Diffusers on the sidewalls to improve the sound quality of the home cinema.

This Acoustic diffuser has a Rockwool of 96kg/m3 as the infill and helps in reducing the intensity of harmful reflections and redirects them to many different directions in the room.

4. Next, We built massive 8” D Limp mass-based acoustic bass traps on the back wall to even out the bass response throughout the listening area in the dedicated home cinema room.

These acoustic bass traps, built using many high-quality Acoustic materials, including Rockwool, Sorbermel Melamine acoustic foam, Limp mass membranes,  look as good as they sound.

5. Premium quality melamine acoustic foam wall panels are placed on the side walls to absorb excess sound energy in the room.

6. Acoustical treatment is done on the ceiling using Knauf Danoline boards with other acoustic materials of different thickness and densities placed behind them.

Since the Acoustical ceiling board has perforations of varying sizes, it creates a great aesthetic appeal while ensuring excellent acoustics.    


7. Existing PMC Speakers and Anthem power amplifiers are installed at appropriate locations to fill the room with theatre-quality sound and immerse the viewers in the ultimate listening experience.

8. We wanted to provide a clear view of the projection screen for the second-row audience in the home cinema room.

A high-quality 9” H Seating Platform constructed using Sand, Rockwool, Neoprene, and other approved acoustic materials helped achieve this while also ensuring perfect structural decoupling.

9. Installed Wolf Cinema 4K projector can put out excellent True 4K video projection. This True 4K home theater projector is nothing short of spectacular and does the job very well indeed.

10. Cinemascope/21:9 home theater screen with micro-perforation delivers remarkable image clarity along with the above mentioned Wolf Cinema 4K Projector.

The home theater screen is designed with minute perforations to make way for sound while ensuring near-perfect light reflection from the Wolf Cinema True 4K Projector.

11. The client decided to remove the existing home theatre wooden flooring with the new homogenous wooden flooring. This move improved the aesthetics of the home theater room multifold and brought in much-needed warmth to the acoustics.

12. Custom-built motorized home theater chairs/recliners from Recliners India placed on the zero-level floor, and the seating riser provides extraordinary comfort for movie watchers.

Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants made sure to carry out acoustical tests at regular intervals and handed over a well built, fully furnished Acoustics home cinema room that sounds as good as it looks to the client in less than two months.   

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