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Home Cinema Nirvana

Home Cinema Nirvana

Why Home Cinema?

A trip to the cinema theater doesn’t have the glamour it once possessed. The commute to the theater is tiresome, and tickets are overpriced.

Furthermore, with new films typically out on streaming channels almost as soon as they’ve left the big screen, it’s easy to see why a home cinema design is becoming an ever-appealing option.

Home cinema comes as a boon for people looking to enhance their entertainment experience in their comfort zone. A home cinema design combines audio and video components designed to provide the experience of watching a movie in a commercial cinema theater.

Watching a movie on a high-end home theater system immerses you in the high-quality experience that you will unlikely get when watching a cinema on a regular TV.

Many people try to turn their living room or bedroom into a home theater rather than building a dedicated cinema room.

This is because people think that dedicated home cinema means much money, equipment, and cables running all over the place.

However, with a bit of help from home cinema design consultants, you can build a high-class home theater interior that comes well within your budget.

Creating a home theater room is essential in choosing the right products and brands and then pairing them to create a balanced audiovisual experience.  

What Components?

A few of the essential components to consider when setting up a balanced home theater interior include the projector, speakers, a screen and a receiver, speaker wire, universal remote control, comfortable seating and the right lighting arrangement. This equipment, coupled with the best soundproofing and acoustic treatment, gives the best home theater experience.

Building a home theater is one of the big and best decisions you’ll make for your home interiors. So, you have to be very careful while picking home theater equipment.

The best-in-class home theatres have top-quality equipment. A few of the world-famous speaker brands include QSCKlipschJamo, and Paradigm. And some of the best amplifiers come from Marantz, Anthem, and Denon.

You can enjoy high-quality video viewing when you use projectors from brands like Sony, BenQ and Optoma. And brands such as Harkness Screen give you a high definition 4K video viewing experience.

And our very own Indian brand, such as Recliners India, gives you the most comfortable seating arrangement.  

Design Consultation

To pick the best equipment for your home theater, you need to consult the most reliable Home theater design consultant near you. Also, it would be best if you made sure to pick products from people who provide excellent after-sales support and an in-house service center.

At affordable prices, we at Symphony 440 Design Group in Bangalore provide the best in class home theater interior and home cinema equipment.

At Symphony 440 Design Group home theater store, you will find the best brands and fantastic customer service. Here, you’ll find consultants helping you pick home theater products for your unique needs.

The firm that started its operations in 2013 was incorporated to provide customers with valued home theater solutions using certified expertise in design and installation.

Whether you are looking for a simple stereo setup or a fully-blown dedicated Home Theater design, you can expect only the best from us at Symphony 440 Design Group Home Theater Store.  

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