Dedicated Home Theater


Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Scope of Work

Home theater Soundproofing,
Home theater Acoustics Analysis &
Home theater Audio System Supply
& Installation.


Mr Rajesh, an Audiophile and a big-time movie buff, had a dedicated home theatre room in the ground floor of his house located on Bannerghatta Road, Bangalore. The home theatre room, built six years ago had already seen too many different systems and the client ended up being unhappy after the install as none of the audio systems seemed to work well.


To analyze the internal acoustics of the room and correct the placement and material layering if necessary and Install and tune the proposed QSC Home theatre speaker system along with Marantz AV 7705, QSC DPA 4. 2 amplifiers and make sure the customer is satisfied with the Home Theatre Sound.



Room Size

2450 Cu ft

Interior Scheme



Completed-August 2019

Bannerghatta Home Theater 1
Bannerghatta Home Theater 2
Bannerghatta Home Theater 3
Acoustics & Audio-Video

Symphony 440 Design Group Home theatre designers made sure to check the efficiency of the home theatre wall panelling, acoustic ceiling and the home theatre acoustic carpet flooring that was already present. Other implementations include:

  • To start with, We designed the AV system layout, including QSC Speakers, JVC Projector placement, Seating placement details in line with technical requirements of the room.
  • Since some of the Home theatre cables were old, We also conducted cable continuity tests to make sure that everything was up to the mark.
  • High-end QED speaker cables, installed for connectivity with SC-1150 based QSC Home Theater Speakers ensure perfect signal flow.
  • Internal acoustics of the room that was already present was analyzed thoroughly using QSC K12.2 based measurement kit and REW software.
  • Since the room had a lot of acoustical issues and was sounding lifeless because of the presence of sound absorption on all the six wall surfaces, We replaced the Acoustic floor carpet with Laminate wooden flooring to improve the sonic liveliness in the home cinema room.
  • Since the walls were also over absorptive, some of the acoustic wall panels were replaced with Reflective and diffusive treatments to have better room acoustics.
  • It was decided not to rework on the Acoustic sound diffuser that was present on the wall behind the seating position as it had got integrated into wall panelling very well and was already working well acoustically.
  • The wall panelling work carried out earlier was nothing less than 12” in thickness with a lot of soundproofing/ Sound Isolation, and acoustic materials. Redone to accommodate the QSC SC 1150 front LCR speakers and SB 5218 QSC subwoofer, The front baffle wall helps in creating better visual & acoustical ambience.
  • We used QSC SR-800 as home theatre surround speakers along with QSC DPA 4. 2 amplifiers. This speaker and amplifier combo is known for powerful sound delivery and works exceptionally well in this home cinema room.
  • Even for the ceiling surrounds, we decided to use the same QSC SR 800 home theatre surround speakers for Dolby Atmos along with reliable QSC DPA 4. 2 amplifiers. This way, we could ensure similar sound quality from all the wall and ceiling surrounds, in-line with Dolby’s recommendations.
  •  Marantz AV 7705 used as a Preamplifier/ processor along with four numbers of QSC DPA 4. 2 amplifiers offer uncompromised, powerful audio much required in a reference-quality home theatre application like this.
  • With the presence of  Marantz AV 7705 AV Processor and dedicated QSC DPA 4.2 Power amplifiers, the Home theatre consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group were able to achieve perfect harmony in the audio signal chain and create one of the best home theater system.
  • The altered Home theatre recliner positioning recommended by us ensured the client gets best of Dolby Atmos soundtracks.
  • With the existing high-end JVC home theatre projector’s recalibration, We achieved excellent quality,high-definition images from the capable JVC machine.
  • Auralex Subdude HT subwoofer isolation pads, Imported from the US, were placed below the SB 5218 QSC subwoofer to help the customer get the best out of his QSC subwoofer.
  • Micro-perforated Elite Home Theatre screen was reinstalled in its place once the front QSC SC 1150 Speakers and SB 5218 QSC subwoofer were installed and optimized.

The client who had changed the home theatre system nothing less than five times in 6 years was finally happy with his latest QSC Speaker System and called it the best home theater system he has had till date.

It was a matter of challenge and prestige for the Home theatre consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group to get the perfect balance between costing and performance of the home theatre.

Since the customer was very supportive throughout the build process, We could create one of the best home theater system and ensure the customer came back happily to the home theatre room to watch his favourite movies daily.