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Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Project Description:

Location: Guntur, Andhra Pradesh

Scope of Work: Home theater Soundproofing, Home theater Acoustics Construction & Home theater Sound and Video System Supply & Installation.

Application: Movies & Music

Room Size: 2750 Cu ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-Aug 2019


Dr Shruthi wanted a dedicated, clutter-free home theater room on the first floor of their residence located in Guntur, Andhra Pradesh to experience high-quality movie watching and music listening along with family and friends.


To build a Soundproofed, Acoustic Home theater that provides the best movie and music listening enjoyment. Since the home was being constructed passionately and not in a rush, The construction took a sweet two year time period to complete along with the dedicated home theater room.


With a clear understanding of customer’s requirement, Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater designers gave priority to the soundproofing partition design of the home theater space as the daughter’ room was situated right next to the dedicated cinema room.

Sound isolation partition built using Fiber cement boards, Sound dampeners, Special decoupling soundproof rubber helped contain the sound inside.

Other implementations include:

2. We then carried out Acoustic wall panelling work on the side and back walls with the help of efficient and trained carpenters from Bangalore. Using the right combination of high-quality acoustic materials like high-density Polywool, Acoustic foam etc. the wall treatment helped reduce the flutter echo and excess reverberations.

3. For the acoustic wall panel furnishing, The client visited an acoustic material manufacturing facility in China in consultation with Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants and brought in a Lot of absorption panels, wooden acoustic panels, acoustic ceiling panels from there.

4. With acoustic materials from China by our side, We treated the rear and front walls with a mixture of sound absorption, reflection, diffusion and bass trapping. These design elements helped reduce reverberation and bass problems in the dedicated home cinema room.

5. The Team also designed and built custom acoustical sound diffusers on the back wall, behind the perforated acoustic wooden panels to improve the sound image.

6. To further reduce the intensity of modal and non-modal resonances, We used all the four corners in the home cinema room for bass trapping.

7. A local carpenter helped the customer with the installation of the imported home theater hardwood flooring. The Hardwood home theater wooden flooring provides excellent aesthetics and a clutter-free contemporary look to the home cinema.

8. Since the customer wanted to keep numerous audio-video source devices in the home theater room, We decided to design a minimalistic yet efficient audio rack. This Audio rack can accommodate equipment like Marantz 6014 AV Receiver, Blu Ray Player, Klipsch Center Channel Speaker and many other AV gadgets.

13. Home theater furniture with two home theater recliners, one sofa bed combination enhanced the looks of the dedicated cinema greatly. To provide an immersive experience, we decided to place the Home theater furniture at the sweet spot helping the customer get the best aural experience possible.

The client who was in no hurry to build a home theater room took much interest in selecting the best of the best acoustic materials for walls, ceiling and floor along with Klipsch reference premiere speakers, Optoma UHD51A projector and Home theater furniture.

Although the project was in Guntur, Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants were kept in the loop at all times by the client helping us create the best home theater experience or them within the given budget.

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