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Koramangala, Bangalore

Project Description:

Location: Koramangala, Bangalore

Scope of Work: Acoustics Design & Construction & High-End Home theater System Supply and Installation

Application: Movies, Gaming

Room Size: 3150 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-July 2016


Mr Srivathsan Parthasarathy wanted to convert his basement into a well-built home theater to watch movies. He also wanted to integrate a video game console with a high-quality surround sound system to create an exciting gaming experience. His son, who is a Wii gaming enthusiast wanted a Home theater system of top-level that works well for movies as well as gaming.


To build a cosy and best-in-class home theater that serves as a perfect place to sit back comfortably and relax while watching a movie or play a computer game as him and his family unwind from their usual busy routine. The home theater needed acoustical treatment to give the best sound experience with just the perfect combination of a home theater projector and Jamo Home theater speaker system.


After receiving inputs from the client and the Acoustic consultant on board, Symphony 440 Design Group got involved in the home theater construction process and decided to do the following:

1. To start with, Our home theater consultants installed Audioquest Speaker cables and HDMI Interconnect for connectivity of audio-visual systems. Since the proposed Jamo Home Theater speakers were THX Ultra 2 certified, there was a need for high quality, trustworthy cables. Even the Panasonic Home Theater projector which was quite popular at that time needed an equally talented HDMI cable to match its level of performance.

2. Since this residential property situated in Koramangala, Bangalore was a sustainable architecture certified construction, Home Cinema room in the basement had stone brick walls, tiled flooring. Although the materials used for the civil construction help in reducing the temperature inside the house, it was a nightmare for Home theater acoustics.

3. The reflective nature of the walls would severely affect the sound quality of the Jamo theater speakers and also spoil the overall experience. Since the customer and the architect were not interested in altering the composition of the walls or doing the traditional 3” thick acoustic treatment on the home cinema room walls, The Acoustic consultant at Symphony 440 Design Group decided to use thick acoustic curtains on the side and back walls.

4. Since the existing concrete ceiling was reflective in nature, Our home theater consultants made sure to install Armstrong wooden acoustic panels with 50mm thick acoustic foam/Polywool insulation on the ceiling. These wooden acoustical panels help immensely in bringing down the reverberation time of the home cinema room and improve voice clarity.

5. To avoid reflections and improve the sound image further, We installed engineered wooden flooring, topped off with thick acoustic carpet rug to get the perfect acoustic balance and sound quality.

6. Even the windows are equipped with acoustical drapes to cut out reflections and enhance the sound quality inside the Home Cinema room.

7. Our home theater consultants then installed the Jamo D600 THX Ultra home cinema system on a custom Audio-Video Rack below the Home Theater Screen.

8. Since the customer had multiple requirements, i.e. movies and gaming, We decided to use Klipsch 12 inch subwoofer for the LFE Channel as Klipsch subwoofers are well known for their powerful bass performance.

9. The Klipsch Subwoofer was placed in the front area with a specially designed acoustical neoprene rubber element to provide clean, uncluttered bass response throughout the room.

10. We then installed 7000 series Marantz AV Receiver to provide an immersive and thrilling 3D surround sound Dolby atmos experience. Marantz known for its warm sound quality works incredibly well along with Jamo D600 THX home cinema system and delivers the best in class audio performance.

11. The selected Panasonic Full HD home theater projector offers superb HD video experience. The Home theater projector is very good at what it does and complements the Jamo home cinema system very well.

12. A manual pull-down home theater screen was set up on one of the walls to provide a clear view of the projection. The Grandview Liberty Home theater screen of 110” diagonal size helps the Full HD home theater projector in delivering bright, colourful pictures.

13. The Jamo home theater system, complemented with a Blu Ray player and gaming station completed the entertainment unit.

14. Last but not least, Great Home Cinema rooms need comfortable seating to sit on and enjoy the movie. The home theater sofa that client imported from the US looks as good as it comforts.

The customer was extraordinarily helpful and patient throughout the Home theater building process and helped the Home theater consultancy team at Symphony 440 Design Group in designing, implementing and handing over a beautiful sounding Home Cinema room.

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