Home Theater


Bharath Nagar 1st Stage, Bangalore

Scope of Work

Acoustics Design & Construction ,
High End Home theater System Supply
and Installation


Mr.Muralidhara wanted to convert one of the rooms in his home into a well-built home theater to watch movies. He also wanted to integrate video game consoles with the proposed Jamo home cinema system to create an exciting gaming experience.


To build a dual-purpose home theater that gives movie viewers the best viewing experience and gamers an immersive gaming experience. The home cinema design should offer all the necessary facilities and ambience for daily movie watching and gaming.

Room Size

3300 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme



Completed-April 2017

Acoustics & Audio Video

After evaluating the site, Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants realized that to give the best home theater experience, they needed to control light and sound. Following actions were taken:

  • To start with, we installed High-quality Audioquest & Profigold Home theater cables for home theater setup. Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants decided to go ahead with the capable X2 speaker cables from Audioquest for the Jamo speaker system and Audioquest Pearl HDMI for connectivity between the Marantz AV Receiver and Epson Full HD Home theater projector.
  • An extra HDMI cable from the seating position to the Marantz amplifier/Receiver point was also run to provide the customer with an option to play movies through his laptop and I-pads.
  • We installed acoustical wall panelling on the side, and back walls along with corner bass traps in the room. These acoustical wall panels built using various acoustic materials of different densities absorb the sound from the front Jamo C95II and C9 Jamo Center speaker. These acoustical panels help the audience hear only the direct sound from the speakers while ensuring better soundstage creation.
  • The acoustic ceiling in the dedicated home theater room, built using Saint Gobain boards and GI channels also has a lot of acoustic infill materials behind them along with low-frequency traps. This combination of materials helps in acoustic as well as thermal insulation.
  • Thick Acoustical blind fixed on the Window situated on the right wall stops sunlight and sound reflections from the glass. Initially, the home theater consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group explored the option of doing acoustic wall panelling on the Window. But, later deciding against it, considering the durability factor of the wall panelling on a window in the home theater.
  • Wall to wall high-performance home theater flooring carpet improves aesthetics and brings down the reverberation time. These home theater flooring carpets have excellent thickness/pile height compared to regular 3mm acoustic tiles and provide good absorption for the higher registers of the audio spectrum.
  • Audio rack placed below the Home theater screen is built using MDF and is painted with Duco to achieve a luxurious finish. The AV Unit has place for Marantz amplifier, Jamo Centre channel speaker, PlayStation box and other devices.
  • One watt LED Lights on the ceiling puts out enough brightness and illuminates the whole space with enormous warm light.
  • High-End C 95 Jamo Tower speakers, Jamo C9 Cen II, Jamo C9 Surround speakers along with top of the line Marantz Audio-Video receiver puts out sublime sound quality.
  • J112 Jamo Subwoofer was used to complement the prominent Jamo Speakers.
  • Jamo Ceiling speakers are employed to do the job of Dolby Atmos speakers on the false ceiling.
  • Full HD 3D Epson Home theater projector with 124” eyelet screen gives stunning image clarity that is bright and punchy.
  • Custom-built motorized Home Theater Recliners from Recliners India brand were installed on the second and third row of seating, providing extraordinary comfort for movie watching. These Home theater recliners from recliners India brand were custom built to suit the room’s dimension.

The client who is a well-known Finance/Tax Consultant was clear on what he wanted and gave the team at Symphony 440 Design Group enough time to implement the acoustics and audio video work at the dedicated Home cinema room. Symphony 440 Design Group home theater consultants built and handed over a gamer-friendly, good looking Home theater setup with excellent acoustics to the client in 2.5 months.