Home Theater


BSK 2nd Stage, Bangalore

Scope of Work

Acoustics Design, AV System
Supply and Installation


Prof.Jawahar had allocated a 23’Lx16’Wx11’H sized room for a home theater in the new house and wanted to make sure that it serves the purpose well without being too Jazzy or crowded. The Home theatre would be used mostly for movie watching and occasionally for TV broadcast.


To build the best home theater that recreates the experience of watching a movie in a local theater right inside the home. The Home Theatre design team at Symphony 440 Design Group would work in-line with the architect and client’s interior requirement and make sure to deliver the best quality audio-video possible.

Room Size

4200 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme



Completed-November 2016

BSK 2nd Stage Home Theater1
BSK 2nd Stage Home Theater2
BSK 2nd Stage Home Theater3
Acoustics & Audio Video

Symphony 440 Design Group surveyed the Home cinema room to assess the requirements and turn the space into a comfortable home theater space.  The team evaluated the room dimension to assess various room treatment requirements to control the quality of sound in the room. Other implementations include:

  • The team designed a 9” seating riser for comfortable movie viewing experience for the second-row audience. With nothing less than ten seating recliners in the home theatre room, creating a platform was very much essential, and we could place about five recliners on top of it.
  • The team designed the AV System placement layout and installed premium Audioquest cables & interconnects. X2 range of Oxygen-free copper cables from Audioquest works as the perfect partner for Klipsch RP-280F Reference Premiere Speakers .
  • Used all the four available corners of the room for Limp mass Bass trapping to reduce the effect of modal resonance and to make sure the audience hears the best out of dual 15 inch Klipsch subwoofers.
  • Designed & Installed vertical wooden Pillars with acoustic materials backing to get much needed additional bass absorption and achieve a better-looking wall panelling design in the home cinema room.
  • Delivering Front stage sound are the Klipsch RP 280F reference premiere tower speakers and Klipsch reference premier center channel. These LCR speakers offer superb, uncompressed audio that’s second to none.
  • Klipsch WDST Surround Speakers and DS-160CDT Klipsch atmos ceiling speakers help in creating a wide-sound field that’s essential for an object-based audio format like the Dolby Atmos.
  • While the Marantz SR7010 Home Theater AV Receiver powers the Klipsch center and surrounds in the home theater room, Marantz MM7025 stereo power amplifier delivers the needed amplification to the Klipsch tower speakers.
  • The warm, musical sound quality of the Marantz AV receiver matches very well with the Crisp audio signature of the Klipsch Audio system. Both together, deliver an incredibly immersive Dolby Atmos sound.
  • The audio system was tuned/calibrated with much care considering the reflective nature of the home cinema room.
  • High-resolution Panasonic home theatre projector was used for the projection to provide a crisp, bright image. The projector imported from abroad didn’t work the first time. But, once serviced and reinstalled, the projector worked flawlessly with both full HD and 3D contents.
  • Larger than life 150” matt white Harkness Home Theater Screen  provides unadulterated picture quality.
  • Harkness, being the largest cinema screen manufacturer in the world, manufactures technically appropriate screens even for the home theater segment. Since the acoustics of the home cinema room was custom built, the carpenters could provide provision for an eyelet screen as well. The screen, Fixed using the traditional method of hooks and rope, offers bright, punchy video reproduction.
  • As the client wanted an easy to maintain home theatre space, We decided to go with a dark coloured homogenous hardwood for the flooring. This premium home theater wooden flooring offers excellent aesthetics and as desired, provides a low-maintenance flooring.
  • Ten Custom-built, Motorized home theater recliners from Recliners India, provide extraordinary comfort for movie watching. With 6 Home theater recliners in the back row and 4 in the first row of seating with Home theater Seating riser being 9” H, The second-row audience wouldn’t have any problem in getting a clear view from the Harkness home theater screen.


Since the client was very particular on having wood finish on walls as well as the ceiling, Symphony 440 design group worked extra hard to install and calibrate an audio system, which would provide a pleasant audio experience without exciting the room much. The project took three months to finish.