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Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Project Description:

Location: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore

Scope of Work: Acoustics Design + Construction & AV System Design+Supply

Application: Movies, Music and Gaming

Room Size: 4000 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-December 2017


Mr. & Mrs.Naveen Kumar Midha, an AV enthusiast couple, wanted a dedicated multipurpose home cinema in their home to hold movie parties and enjoy gaming. The entire terrace area in their posh villa allocated for entertainment also had a dedicated cinema room designed to accommodate Klipsch surround sound system, A Pool table and a bar counter in the 4000 Cu Ft space.


As is the case with all our AV projects, We wanted to build this home cinema with passion and care as the interior scheme, colour combination of acoustic wall panelling, and Home theater flooring had to gel with architecture and interiors of the rest of the house. The goal was to design the theater room for movie watching, Gaming and Karaoke playback. It had to be constructed on time and at the given budget.


Symphony 440 Design Group Home theater consultants surveyed the house to understand the home theater building requirements. The size of the room, the furniture to be installed, and the acoustic treatments required were studied to provide the best implementation.

1. We started the home theater build with the AV System layout design on CAD. We planned the Audio-video equipment placement based on the room layout, Selected audio-video products and seating position.

3. Next, We built an eight-inch high Seating Riser to accommodate the second row of home cinema seating recliners. This seating platform is decoupled from the Floor using neoprene rubber elements and has Sand, Rockwool and other approved acoustic material infills.

4. With the completion of Wiring & Seating platform, We took up the acoustical wall panelling work. Entire wall surface area was used for wall panelling with a mixture of absorption, reflection, diffusion and bass trapping to reduce reverberation and modal resonances. The absorption panel built using Rockwool, Polyester wool, Acoustic foam and other such acoustic materials is wrapped with Polyester fabric and offers Broadband sound absorption.

5. Simultaneously built with the wall panelling is the false roof with acoustic ceiling tiles from Saint Gobain. The entire acoustic ceiling tiles portion has high-density infill materials behind it and serves as a good absorption layer, avoiding the harmful floor-ceiling reflections.

6. We decided to give particular importance for the ceiling paint as home theater rooms with white ceiling distract the audience and spoil the experience completely. After on-site discussions, We went in for a for medium-dark grey paint for the acoustic ceiling tiles structure. This decision helped customers have better cinema experience with no noticeable screen reflections on the home theater ceiling.

7. We knew from the beginning that this Home theater needed a “Multipurpose application” design approach. To make it a genuinely multipurpose cinema room, we introduced lots of cove lights on the ceiling along with other spotlights and accessories. These lighting fixtures provide great ambient lighting and offer great aesthetics.

8. We wanted to offer an easy to maintain home theater flooring. The Pergo Laminated flooring that we installed looks great visually and is super cool to walk on.

10. We also got two Numbers of Klipsch reference premiere surround speakers, and Jamo ceiling speakers fixed on the walls and ceiling respectively to produce special FX and aid the front LCR Klipsch Speakers with the delivery of immersive surround audio.

11. A 12” Klipsch Subwoofer from the SPL series installed between the Klipsch reference premiere tower & Center speakers offers deep, punchy bass and great aesthetics.

12. It’s a known fact that Marantz AV receivers work great with Klipsch reference premiere surround systems. We did not want to take any chances here and used a Marantz SR 6000 series Home theater AV Receiver to power all the Klipsch & Jamo Speakers. The Marantz & Klipsch combination, to put it, in a nutshell, is incredible and offers excellent Dolby Atmos Audio.

13. Great Klipsch reference premiere Sound System needs great Visuals to offer the best home cinema experience. We got a very affordable Epson Full HD Home theater projector installed on the ceiling to complete the equipment signal chain.

14. The capable Epson projector needed an excellent screen to perform at its best. We installed a custom 9’Wx5’1” home theater screen and ensured excellent visual quality. The hundred- and twenty-four-inches diagonal screen is an eyelet type screen and serves as the perfect match for Epson Home Theater projector.

15. Our Carpenters built & installed an Audio rack to accommodate all the source devices such as Xbox, Tata Sky, Karaoke unit and Blu-Ray Player.

16. Home Theater experience will never be complete without comfortable home theater seating recliners. The customised motorised recliners fixed on the first & second row have freezers and other special features that ensure extraordinary comfort and convenience.

We handed over this State of the art Klipsch Audio Technologies’ reference premiere speaker system-based Home Cinema Room with equally elegant motorised recliners to the customer in 4 months on Sarjapur Road, Bangalore.

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