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Road No.46, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Project Description:

Location: Road No.46, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad

Scope of Work: Acoustics Construction & AV System Design

Application: Movies & Music

Room Size: 4800 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-Jan 2017


Mr.Kiran Reddy had allocated a room in the ground floor of his luxurious villa at Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad for movie watching. He wanted to deck up the room and turn it into a perfect home theatre space.


To build a dual-purpose home theatre that gives movie viewers and music listeners the best viewing and listening experience, respectively. The Client wanted the Home Theater interior work finished within two months for the occupation.


After receiving inputs from the Client and the acoustic consultant on board, Symphony 440 Design Group Home theatre installation team got involved in the home theater system design & acoustic construction process.

Implementation included the following:

1. To start with, We used High-quality Audioquest speaker cables & 4K capable HDMI for Audio Visual System Connectivity. Considering the Calibre of the High-End Audio System in place (i.e. Bowers & Wilkins diamond range of Home theatre audio systems along with Anthem AVM 60 AV processor/Anthem MCA and P5 amplifiers), We installed the X2 range of speaker cables from Audioquest. For The Epson 8300 Home theatre projector, A high-quality Audioquest forest HDMI interconnect was used.

2. High End Home Theater System deserves High End room acoustics. We installed Acoustical absorption panels at critical locations in the home theater room to absorb reflections & bring down the reverberation. These Acoustical Panels, Built using acoustic wool, Acoustic foam, were covered with the fabric of customer’s choice using UPVC stretch gripper system.

3. On the back wall of the home theatre room, Polycylindrical sound diffusers were installed and hidden behind the acoustic fabric treatment. Sound diffusers improve the audio imaging and serve as perfect alternatives to absorption which if overused make the Home cinema room sound dull by eating away all the high-frequency energy.

4. For the Ceiling, We decided to go with Saint Gobain Acoustical Ceiling boards with acoustical infill backing. Stuffed with high-density acoustic materials of different thickness and density, These Acoustical ceiling boards help in reducing the reverberation and bass irregularities of the home theatre room.

5. With acoustical Ceiling in place, The team installed an 8mm thick laminated wood flooring on the Home theatre floor. Compared to Carpet flooring, The wooden flooring for home theatres is much easier to maintain and worked exceptionally well in keeping the contemporary look undisturbed in this case.

6. We then installed Ceiling mounted light fixtures to provide ample lighting. These fixtures matched the Client’s style and taste. This unique light fixture gives the home theatre ceiling a “trendy” look and provides the home theatre room with much needed ambient lighting and contemporary looks.

7. For the Audio, The customer got Award-Winning B&W Diamond 804D L&R high end home theater system along with corresponding B&W Diamond HTM Centre, B&W DS3 Surround speakers & B&W Ceiling Atmos Speakers installed at appropriate locations. These great loudspeakers fill the room with theatre quality sound and immerse the viewers in the ultimate Home Theatre listening experience.

8. Anthem AVM 60 AV Processor with support for Dolby Atmos & DTS: X immersive audio decoding, UHD Blu-ray and 4K/60 passthrough, HDMI 2.0a with HDR provided all the necessary processing and the Anthem MCA 325 & P series power amplifiers worked as the perfect amplification partners for the Bowers & Wilkins Speaker system.

9. Dual Earthquake Home theatre subwoofers placed next to the Bowers & Wilkins front L & R speakers offered perfectly integrated, high-quality bass output.

10. Customer’s favourite Epson brand’s EH-TW8300 Home theatre projector puts out great Full HD 3D images. This renowned 8300 projector from Epson produces 2500 lumens of brightness with 4K enhancement.

11. We decided to install the Harkness Matt white, eye-let type home theatre screen with 151” Diagonal size (11’Wx6’2” H) to complement the Epson Projector.

12. L shaped Custom built motorized home theatre sofa, and recliners combo provides extraordinary comfort for movie watching. This Italian leather home theatre sofa has multiple reclining positions and minimalistic looks.

Symphony 440 Design Group home theatre consultants handed over nicely built Dolby atmos based 7. 2.4 configuration home cinema with extraordinary Home theatre speakers, Anthem AV receivers, Earthquake subwoofers, Harkness home theatre screen and acoustic treatment with equally comfortable home theatre furniture to the customer in 2 months.

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