Scope of Work
Room Size

Audio & Video Recording

Studio Soundproofing & Acoustics

Taking cues from the detailed requirement analysis, the Symphony 440 Design Group Acoustic Consultants/team implemented the following:

  • To start with, We built multi-layer gypsum-based soundproof partition to minimize the sound radiation between the recording studio and other areas. We created this Soundproof partition over the existing gypsum partition. Sufficient Air gap was added between the current partition and the new Soundproof partition to improve the STC (Sound transmission class) ratings.
  • We used a lot of high-performance acoustic materials like Rockwool, and Mass loaded vinyl, Neoprene decoupling rubber, Gypsum sheets to build the soundproof structure. We treated all the four walls in the room for soundproofing and made sure to take exceptional care to segregate and provide an independent path for electrical, technical wiring infrastructures.
  • We then installed Double door/soundproof door system to minimize sound leakage from the opening. The existing door, which was lightweight and had no soundproof items inside it, posed a significant threat to the overall soundproofing ability of the room.
  • This particular door didn’t provide more than 18db of sound isolation. Acoustic consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group not keen on buying  an off the shelf soundproof door, decided to go with a double door system which if built properly would yield great results.
  • We retained the existing door with a few technical modifications and the new door, That we built was stuffed with soundproof ply from Soundwood, Drywall, High-density Rockwool, Sound isolation rubber. We fixed the new Soundproof door with a new frame and heavy-duty hinges considering the weight and the application.
  • Once the soundproof partitions & doors were up, We acoustically treated the ceiling with Perforated Saint Gobain acoustic ceiling boards and acoustic wool of 50mm thickness.
  • Fabric acoustic wall panels were placed on the walls to enhance the sound quality inside the Studio further. The fabric acoustic wall panel, custom-built with timber framework acoustic wool, and acoustic foam help in bringing down the reverberation and echoes in the room and helps the in house team at NRRS get the best output out of their recording devices.
  • UPVC fabric gripper system ensured an excellent finish for the panels. The UPVC gripper system that we used for the acoustic fabric wall panels adapt to different sizes and shapes of acoustic panels. Along with high-quality D decor acoustic fabric, the system helps in giving excellent overall finish to the acoustic panels.
  • Detailed painting work enhanced the aesthetic appeal and made the Studio look as good as it sounds. We followed the painting code/details specified by the Video recording team at NRRS as they wanted it to be in line with their technical requirement.

The project took quite some time to materialize, but once through the technical acoustical consultants and build team at Symphony 440 Design Group worked very hard and made sure to complete the project in the stipulated timeframe of 2 months and within the given budget.

Post completion of the project, the customer who was extremely happy with results, did not hesitate to appreciate the team for their efforts and gave great feedback and testimonial on our website.