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Project Type

Home Theatre Project


After the Rain,Total Environment,Bengaluru

Project Description:

Location: After the Rain-Total Environment, Bengaluru

Scope of Work: Home Theatre Acoustic Design & Consulting, Home Theatre Audio Visual System Supply & Calibration

Application: Movies & Music Played via OTT Platform

Room Size: 25’2"L x 16'9"W x 9’H

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: June 2023

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Mr. Ashok Yerneni, a returning NRI, desired a luxury home theatre in his basement with top range audio-visual equipment and comfy seating to accommodate long viewing sessions. Mr. Ashok wanted the home theatre interiors to recreate a traditional cinema experience complete with airtight soundproofing and an audio system capable of creating truly immersive soundscapes. 

Our Symphony 440 Design Group Home Theatre consultancy team designed and executed this home theatre project in 2 Months. We analyzed and revamped the basement’s interiors to optimize acoustics and expertly installed the audio-visual equipment required for a cinema-grade viewing experience. The team coordinated closely with Mr. Ashok for aesthetics, technicalities, and to fine-tune the audio; ensuring that we delivered exactly what he was looking for. 

“The team at Symphony 440 was very professional throughout the home cinema build and their execution was flawless. The in-house architect Shrutha’s design was excellent. The number of trips she made in working with the carpentry team and her efforts in coordinating with various vendors was beyond our expectations. We are very happy with the team’s willingness and positive attitude. ”

  • Mr. Ashok Yerneni,Bengaluru


  • Mr. Ashok was keen on a home theatre where he and his family could spend hours without having to move around to find where the audio sounds best. For this, we carefully measured out the perfect viewing and sound angles at which to place the recliners. We also hand-picked comfy upholstery to ensure that Mr. Ashok’s family could marathon their favorite movies and shows in the seat of comfort.

  • The ceiling of Mr. Ashok’s basement wasn’t uniform, with ceiling height ranging between 7.5 feet to 15 feet in the same room. This was a major challenge for ensuring clean acoustics and consistent home cinema room dimensions. Our home cinema consultants solved this by putting in a false ceiling angled just right for clear audio and viewing. 


  • Finally Mr. Ashok, being a bass connoisseur, wanted the Low Frequency reproduction to be experiential. For this we scoped out the home theatre interiors and conducted an acoustic analysis to find the best subwoofer placement arrangement and later fine tuned the LF range using Digital Singal Processors(DSP). We also installed Butt Kickers under the Seating recliners, to make the seating vibrate in sync with bass-heavy audio and give that extra kick to Mr. Ashok’s viewing experience. 


The Symphony 440 Design Group Home Theatre consultancy team worked closely with Mr. Ashok Yernerni over a period of 2 months to design sound-friendly home theatre interiors and build an exceptional audio-visual system complete with comfortable seating and clean aesthetics.  

1. As the first step in creating the home theatre interiors, we put in laminated wooden flooring to help maximize convenience, reduce extreme hard reflections from the concrete flooring. The flooring also imparted an auditorium-like feel to the home theatre and made for a smooth finish.

2. Next, we moved on to the ceiling. Since it had three level differences (16’ towards the front, 10’ at the cenre, 9’ towards the back), we decided to put in a false ceiling with tapering highs and lows in line with the ceiling’s level. This allowed us to maximize the usable height while leaving the ceiling’s beam concealed. We also installed ambient profile lighting to enhance the tapering and make it easy on the eye.  The false ceiling was Acoustically treated internally to maximize absorption and finished out with fabric.

3. To straighten out ceiling levels even further, we had two cassette AC units installed at the centre. This also helped with ventilation and maintaining temperature.

4. A 7” thick column ran up vertically next to the entry door, with an exact ceiling height of 7’10”. This presented a structural anomaly that could have affected audio quality. We planned the interiors to conceal these structural differences and ensure clean levels.

5. The last leg of the home theatre interiors involved home theatre wall design. We made a partition wall 2’ from the front concrete wall and finished it out seamlessly with fabric. Next, we ran a band of fabric panels over the left and right walls, from the floor to the ceiling. These panels were 8” in thickness and covered the protruding column at the front of the room. The panelling at the back continued all the way over to the rear wall.  These rear panels were made a little thinner (4.5” thick), as per our calculations to balance out the amount of sound absorbed versus sound reflected.

6. To finish up the home theatre wall design, we put in hexagonal panels at the centers of the left and right-hand walls to enhance the overall symmetry of the room. The patterns of the panelling were accentuated by installing profile and cove lights in between.

Part 2 - Home Theatre Audio Video: Building a Pitch Perfect Audio-Visual System

1. We began by mounting the fabric-finished front wall with a 150” Diagonal Acoustically Transparent screen.

2. All the major audio-visual equipment was placed behind the screen on the front wall. Two Klipsch RP 8000F speakers were placed on the left and right, and a Klipsch RP 504C II speaker was placed at the centre behind the screen. We calculated the alignment and height at which these speakers should be placed as per human anthropometry, to ensure a full and harmonious listening experience.

3. For surround sound and a 360-degree listening experience, we used four Klipsch RP 500 SA speakers. Two of these were all wall-mounted to the left and right of the recliners. Two more were mounted on the wall behind the recliners. This speaker placement enabled more dynamic acoustics, by capturing the movements of sound and replicating this within the home theatre.

4. We rounded off the primary audio equipment with ceiling atmos speakers to give an extra dimension of height to the listening experience. To achieve this we installed two Klipsch Pro 16RC flushed in level with the false ceiling.

5. To flush the audio with strong bass, we placed two SVS PB-2000 SUB subwoofers behind the screen, in front of the recliners. Deciding on the placement of the Home Theater subwoofers was a major challenge for the Our AV Consutancy team since it can be tricky to get that perfect bass. However, after conducting rigorous analysis and fine-tuning, we were able to bring out a deep and thumping bass sound.

The client being an avid audiophile fan himself, greatly helped and supported us in achieving the best of all worlds. It was a matter of challenge and prestige for the Home theater consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group to strike the perfect balance between costing, acoustics and finest audio video performance of the home theater.

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