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Project Type

Restopub Project



Project Description:

Location: JP Nagar, Bangalore

Scope of Work: Professional Audio System Design with Supply and Installation

Application: DJing & Music Playback

Size: 250 seaters Gastropub

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-September 2017


Fatowl Gastro Pub, situated at a posh locality in JP Nagar 1st Phase, is built under the careful supervision of owner Mr Prashanth and architect Mr Shashank. Prashanth, an expert in understanding the pulse of pub culture, wanted the Pub to have the best Professional audio system that pulls the pub visitors on to the dance floor the as soon as the music starts playing.


To design and build a pub audio environment that encourages the customers to stay longer and enjoy their time. The Pub needed a high-profile QSC Sound system and other pro audio speakers to deliver ultimate party experience to the pub dwellers.


Symphony 440 Design Group surveyed the pub interior to analyse the acoustic quality of the space. The team made sure to thoroughly check surface area of different zones in the Pub, application of every zone of the Gastro Pub, furniture set up, and many more criteria to provide the best solution.

Project implementations include:

2. We got the Reliable Valueline 2.5Sq mm OFC Cables installed from the equipment rack to every passive speaker. 2.5Sq mm Valueline cables are known for the reliability and perform very well with DVS6 Tannoy speakers that have 6” diameter LF drivers and continuous output power of 60 watts.
The Audio Consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group didn’t have to think twice in using the Valuline along with Tannoy as they work very well together.

4. The team then made sure to get the electrical & audio cables installed in separate conduits. To avoid the issue of distortion and interference, Audio Consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group advised the electrical contractor to not run the electrical and audio cables in the same conduit.

6. To achieve cleanest audio possible, the team then procured Amphenol connectors for Professional Audio system connectivity. Amphenol is a global company and manufactures technically sound special XLR/TRS connectors for Professional sound market. Our In-house Audio Consultants team, Was particular on the usage of Amphenol connectors along with Canare cables, and the duo didn’t disappoint with their performance.

7. Lightweight yet powerful Behringer NU 1000DSP stereo amplifiers power up the DVS 6 Pro Audio speakers from Tannoy. NU 1000 Behringer stereo amplifier delivers 300 watts per channels at 4 Ohms and acts as a perfect partner for Tannoy DVS6 Indoor/outdoor speakers that are passive by nature.

8. Fabulous sounding and straightforward to use, Behringer DCX 2496 Digital Signal Processor handles the Input/Outputs, Gain Structure, Crossover and Limiter settings of the Sound Equipment.

9. Aesthetically appealing and neat sounding Tannoy DVS 6 Sound system installed at all the different dining areas, Offers soothing music to every corner of the Pub at all times. Although the speakers came in white colour, it was painted to grey colour to embed them into the decor of the Pub.

10. Extraordinarily powerful yet non-fatiguing CP 12 QSC Sound System and Turbosound TSP 118B-AN Sound equipment deliver class-leading audio for the dance floor area. The QSC CP 12 speakers are 1000 Watts PA speakers that are lightweight in nature and can act as Stage monitors as and when needed. Since they had 75-degree axisymmetric coverage, The Audio consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group were able to cover the whole dance floor with highly robust and detailed sound. Although space needed two high-performance subwoofers, Due to budget constraint, the customer decided to settle down with one number of 18” Turbosound subwoofer with built-in DSP.

As the Pub’s dance floor did not have any acoustical treatment, Symphony 440 Design Group meticulously installed and calibrated a Professional audio system that would provide a pleasant music experience. The project took three months to complete.

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