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Project Type

Home Cinema


Akshaya Nagar, off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Project Description:

Location: Akshaya Nagar, off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru

Scope of Work: Home Theater Acoustic Panels Design, High-End Home Theater System Supply, Installation & Calibration

Application: Movies

Room Size: 1900 Cu Ft

Interior Scheme: Contemporary

Status: Completed-Jan 2021


Mr Nagesh Shamnur and his family are ardent music lovers and audio-video enthusiasts. They wanted to build a dream home theater to enjoy movies with excellent visual and sound quality.


To design and build the best-quality home theater/ cinema room at the customer's independent villa at Akshaya Nagar, off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru. We had to design & build the home theatre within the stipulated time & budget that provides the best movie-watching experience.


Symphony 440 Design Group team visited the site to assess the requirements for high-end home theatre system installation. Our home theater interior consultants evaluated the room meant for home cinema. They offered the best home theater acoustics design and room treatment requirements for controlling the sound & video quality based on the room size and dimension.

1. As the first step of building a custom home theater design, our Home theater interior & audio consultants designed the AV System layout and installed high-quality Belden speaker cables and Audioquest 4K capable HDMI interconnects. Our experts proposed the QSC SC-1150 based home cinema speaker package, which is best suited for high octane movie watching. To complement the capabilities of the QSC Home Theater Speaker System and Epson 4K Home Theatre projector, high-quality speaker cables and HDMI interconnect from Belden and Audioquest were used, respectively.

2. Since there was a necessity to fit more than four people in the Home Cinema room, Home theatre interior consultants at Symphony 440 Design Group decided to modify the dimensions of the existing concrete Home Theater Seating risers to accommodate a total seating capacity of 6.

3. As the next part of the home theater installation, the entire surface of the wall was used for acoustical wall panelling with a mixture of absorption, reflection, diffusion & bass trapping to reduce reverberation & modal resonances. The home theater acoustic panels on the walls had the perfect mix of Acoustic synth, Plywood, acoustical boards, Acoustic foams, acoustic fabrics and other materials. The home cinema room has adequate sound diffusion along with the right amount of absorption and reflection.

4. We achieved Good surround sound quality by filling the home theater ceiling with acoustic materials of different densities and thicknesses as backing infills.

5. Since the customer went in with Laminated wood for the flooring, the Home theatre installation team at Symphony 440 Design Group decided to use high-quality, internationally renowned GIK Acoustics & Vicoustics Sound Diffusers for the ceiling acoustic treatment to scatter/diffuse the High & Mid frequencies.

6. White false ceilings near the screen in home cinema rooms create reflections causing distractions; We reduced the light reflection of the projected image from the Epson 4K Home Theatre projector using dark colour fabric on the perimeter of the ceiling.

7. We then got wall-mountable strip lights and ceiling-mountable 3 Watt LED lights installed to improve the aesthetic appeal. The excellent ambient lighting highlighted the decorative ceiling acoustic sound diffusers.

8. Next, Our installation team installed the Compelling SC-1120 QSC Home theatre speakers behind the Woven, Perforated Lumina cinema screen. These Professional QSC SC-1120 Home Cinema Speakers mounted directly behind the screen wall projects sound perfectly towards the desired audience area.

9. Post completion of front LCR Speaker installation, Installation Team installed QSC SR-800 Surround Home theatre speakers on the Sidewalls and back walls to provide superb FX sounds and engage the audience in movie watching. These QSC Speakers, coupled with carefully designed Sound diffusers placed on the back wall corners in the home cinema room, provide the best home theatre experience possible.

10. Our team then installed the AC-C6T in-ceiling speakers from QSC Audio in line with Dolby Guidelines.

11. The Denon AVR X-3700H (Used as a dedicated AV Processor) and QSC DPA 4.2 Power amplifiers combo installed next put out nine channels of sheer audio power, creating a wide sound field. QSC SC-1120 LCR Home theatre speakers, rated at 300 Watts at 4 Ohms, needed a Dedicated Preamplifier & Power amplifiers combination to do justice to their design and performance abilities. The Latest Denon AV Receivers with a selectable Preamplifier mode enables the AV Receiver to act as a dedicated AV Processor sending out the Audio Signal to the Power amplifier for further amplification.

12. The commissioned Award-winning 9" Dali Sub-E9F Subwoofer doesn't disappoint and produces excellent bass, and fills the room with clean and tight low frequencies.

13. Our home theater installation team then installed the recommended Epson TW 7100 4K Home Cinema projector to deliver bright and punchy pictures. This Epson projector can put out great Full HD and 4K images that are nothing short of spectacular.

14. The chosen premium quality Lumina Micro-perf 9'Wx5'1" 4K home theatre screen, installed using the hook and rope method, complements the Epson home theatre projector and works flawlessly.

15. Six custom-built motorized home theatre recliners from Recliners India provide extraordinary comfort. The hand-picked home theatre recliners added to the grandeur. The customer visited the Recliners India showroom in Bengaluru to select the design of the recliners personally.

We built this fully furnished Home Theatre in a calm locality of Akshaya Nagar, off Bannerghatta Road, Bengaluru, in about 3 months. Symphony 440 Design Group's home theatre consultants successfully handled the challenging project to deliver the desired audio and video outputs. The customer was delighted with the Home cinema Audio & Video quality and professional home theater system installation & Calibration.

Symphony 440 Design Group delivered an easy to use, aesthetically pleasing dedicated home cinema room with customer's support and intensive acoustic room testing sessions.

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